Deposit and Reservation Policy

  • When you make your deposit you hereby agree to Little Rascal's Pet Motel and Resort's terms and services.
  • A deposit of $25.00 PER PET is required.*
  • Reservations and Deposits can be made over the phone with a valid credit card or in person.
  • Be sure to book for only the number of days your pet(s) intend to stay.**
  • Proof of all immunizations to include Kennel Cough is required.

* This Deposit guarantees a place for your pet(s) to stay for the number of days you request.
** Should you wish to to pick up your pet(s) early, you may do so. However you will be required to pay for the entire reservation (days originally booked).

Contact Little Rascals Pet Motel and Resort for further information.

Contact Us

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Phone: (765) 649-3647